The complete prepaid value card solution

Gift Cards are a good way of getting new customers to buy from your store, it’s a paid referral that invites friends and associates of your current customer to buy from your store. Most big retailers and stores have robust Gift card systems and use these tool effectively to bring new customers to buy from them.

Now any small to medium sized business can offer Gift cards in their stores without blowing the budget. Reward Technology Solutions offer a complete prepaid value card solution, from the back end software to application to the frontend POS Terminal that enables shop owners to easily load value to a card and redeem part of value of the card instore.

We offer the simplest and most affordable Gift card System in South Africa; Our System allows you to easily implement a Gift card Solution in your store with a short time. Our Gift Card Platform is robust and can be implemented on various portals.

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Gift Card System

Gift Card Portal Application:

This is a web portal that allows you to load and activate Gift cards, it’s the backend administration portal to manage your Gift cards and reports. Its Secure and user login based with personalized credentials to allow safe and secure access to the portal.

Gift Card POS Terminal:

This is an Android based Gift Card Terminal that connects remotely to your Gift card Portal, Its mobile and can be moved from till to till in stores with multiple payment points.

Gift Cards:

These custom printed and encoded Gift cards, they are printed with your own custom artwork, allowing you to further promote you brand. The cards come pre-encoded such that you can easily assign them to your customer.

Gift Card Store Display:

These are acrylic transparent stands that allows you to stack your Gift cards at your POS, so your customers can easily see the cards and purchase them.

Features and benefits

Your own Personalised
branded Gift Cards

Activation at
the time of sale

Fixed or
variable amounts

Easy administration with
Robust Reporting System

Secure and
fraud resistant

Better alternative to
paper Gift Card Vouchers

Financial consolidation
between stores

Card based
- fully branded

Multiple terminal options

Online Real-time

Fully scalable solution

Gift Card balance checker

Yes We Can – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Order the Cards alone without using your system?
Yes we can produce your Gift cards for you and very cost effective prices; Our Card Printing Factory offers Gift Cards with various card technologies, Magnetic Stripe, QR Codes, Barcodes, Smart chip and Contactless Chip Cards.

Does your system also have a Loyalty Card Solution?
Yes we do, Our System has a loyalty Module that can be activated (speak to our sales consultants for more info)

Does your System allow my clients to reload their cards after first card load?
Yes our Gift Card System allows you to reload value to the same card, Our Gift card system works as a closed loop prepaid card solution, allowing you to load and redeem value to your customer’s card.

Can I add customer’s details to the gift card such as name, phone number, etc...?
Yes our Gift Card System has a back end application that allows you to register customer details to a Gift Card.

I have three chains of stores, can my customer’s buy a Gift card in one store and redeem from another store?
Yes our Gift Card System is web enabled and therefore allows you to connect as many stores to the same database, however there may be additional costs involved in this process.
Does the Gift card System have reporting modules?
Yes our Gift Card System comes with a robust reporting system allowing you to draw daily reports, monthly reports and Individual customer reports.

Can I use your Gift Card System without the POS Card Terminal?
Yes our Gift card System works with or Without the Card Terminal, you can operate it directly from the back end portal.

Is the POS card terminal mobile?
Yes our Gift Card terminals are mobile, and remotely connects to the central.

Is the system easy to implement? What is the estimated time frame to implement this system?
Yes our Gift Cards Solution is Easy to implement, we can setup the back end application within 2-3 days, however production of Gift cards can take 7-10 working days depending on the quantity of cards ordered.
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